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A Simple Vision of the DCCD process

- DCCD system specification 

New Acid-Free process developed for in-line steel rod cleaning and surface preparation before drawing, 100 % dry.
Decalub's Dry Cleaning, Coating and Drawing (DCCD) process & equipment offers the unique features :

Provides an extra-clean (scale-free) rod, guaranteed no martensite structure
Eliminates acid, borax and traditional precoatings
Adjustable rod surface micro-roughness 
Self generated processing heat and coating pressure ( rod dry coating for frictionless drawing ), automatically controlled
Zero energy consumption 
Direct drawing from bare rod with no inlet speed limitation, for both H/C and L/C rod
Greatly decreased residual stresses, drawing with virtually no friction at low temperature
New Lubricant Viscosity Control (LVC) provides exceptionally adherent dry coating at all rod entry speeds with no limitation, at "zero" energy consumption
Adjustable lubricant residual weight up to 6 g/m2 (.020 oz/sq.ft) on finished wire
Zero lubricant consumption/waste
Recommended for the most severe drawing applications (spring, rope, bead, CO2 welding, PC strand, plating quality)
H/C wire drawn at 18 m/s (3600 ft/min)
Up to 8 times longer die life
Exiting wire temperature : 45C (113F) on spooler - temperature of 38C (100F) is reported often in H/C ( 0.81 - 0.85 %C ) applications
Eliminates low-level torsion problem
Greatly improved and exceptionally consistent wire ductility - torsion tests show a deviation of only +/- 5%
Remarkable wire surface conditions, with no scouring present

- DCCD process performances (rod/wire dia., drawing speed, rod C%, etc) : visit "What's new" pages, paragraph 1/.  

Products List :  

Dry Cleaning, Coating and Drawing (DCCD) process and equipment, 
incorporating the following sections : rod scale cracking, transversal brushing all around rod circumference, surface preparation, coating/"plasticising" (LVC/PDH system), closed circuit lubrication and drawing in-line at unlimited rod entry speed, without precoating chemicals, with "zero energy consumption".

1/ Descalers for rod dia. from 5.5 to 10 mm (.218 to .400"), H/C and L/C.

a/ Machine type DECA 55-2SB. Capacity : 5.5 to 6.5 mm (.218 to .250") 

For other characteristics, see paragraph 3/.

b/ Machine type DECA 55/100-2SB. Capacity : 5.5 to 10 mm (.218 to .400") 
The most unique "straight through" concept, allows 10 mm (.400") rod to be easily thread up in straight line.

Features and Performances : 
The fastest machines in the world, incorporating advanced rod cleaning, coating/"plasticising" and new lubrication technology.
Direct drawing from DCCD processed 5.5 mm (.218") bare rod without precoating : H/C 1.3 mm (.035") dia. wire drawn at 18 m/s (3600 ft/min), 0.75/0.85 %C 2 mm (.080") dia. wire drawn at 14 m/sec (2800 ft/min).
For other characteristics, see paragraph 3/.

2/ Descalers for rod dia. from 9 to 13 mm (.350 to .500"), 0.83 -0.85 %C, incorporating the same sections and items as above. 

Features and Performances : 
The largest machine in the world for H/C rod operating in-line with a drawing machine
Adjustable rod elongations, step-less, even during operation 
4.2 mm (.165") dia., 0.83 %C  PC strand wire, drawn directly in-line from DCCD processed 11 mm (.433") rod at 7 m/s (1400 ft/min).
For other characteristics, see paragraph 3/.

3/ LVC/PDH system - Specification  
High-Performance Steel Rod Dry Coating with
"zero energy consumption", eliminates traditional wet precoatings. The system is an integral part of the DCCD process.

Decalub's high-performance ultra-high pressure coating and lubrication, in conjunction with the new Lubricant Viscosity Control ( LVC ) system, is a revolution in steel rod preparation in-line with drawing. 
The system is an integral part of the DCCD process. It incorporates rod cleaning by transversal smooth brushing (S-B system), lubricant pressure generator and rod ultra-high pressure coating with the PDH system in LVC version. Some items can be supplied separately to be integrated in an existing processing line.

Features and performances :
Provides an extra-clean scale-free rod
Adjustable rod surface micro-roughness
Eliminates traditional precoatings (borax and substitutes, lime, ...)
Adjustable coating/lubrication pressure from 0 to 350 bars (5000 psi) at will, step-less, even in operation, recordable
Unique 3-way interaction control between the pressure, temperature and lubricant viscosity,  fully automatic in operation
Molten / liquefied hot and highly pressurized lubrication compound coats the rod / wire in the 1st draft at "zero" energy consumption, enabling drawing at virtually "zero friction" in subsequent drafts - heat is generated and automatically controlled by the unit
Exceptionally adherent rod coating deposited in a plastic solution, not flaking, at unlimited rod entry speed
80 to 125 % heavier residual coating weight, adjustable, allows rod reduction of 30 to 42 % in the 1st draft
Adjustable lubricant residual weight of 8 to 16 g/m2 (up to .051 oz/sq.ft), at will, even in operation, 40 % of these values remain on finished wire. Residual on finished wire can be reduced easily.
Intensive water cooling of the lubricant compression chamber permits the use of a wide range of standard lubrication products
Fully automatic Lubricant Viscosity Control (LVC) system - the most important feature in the new coating technology
Closed circuit lubrication, with highly pressurised compound in "plastic" solution, greatly improves lubricant adherence property, performs at "Zero lubricant consumption/waste" - non-flaking residual 
Rod inlet speed : no limitation, 6 m/s (1200 ft/min) and more 
Decreased exiting wire temperature by 21 C (70 F) - on top of block
Wire color on all blocks maintains a dull and consistent matt appearance
"Zero consumables cost" (up to 8 times longer die life - attained 420 tonnes/die, 200 to 400 tonnes/set of brushes)
Greatly increased and consistent wire ductility (39 to 41 torsions on 50 samples tested, wire dia. 2 mm = .078", H/C)  
"Zero maintenance cost" 

Decalub's unique pressure coating system (LVC/PDH) offers major advantages over traditional methods and is used in the most severe H/C and L/C drawing applications, including Al-clad H/C wire, stainless steel alloys and Zn coated H/C wire with virtually no loss of Zn.  

In a specific version, the ultra-high pressure coating system (LVC/PDH) can be used on traditionally acid cleaned and precoated H/C or L/C rods, resulting in low wire temperature, higher speed and greatly increased die life as a result of dramatically decreased friction (wire/die interface).

4/  Smooth-Brush (S-B) system, integral part of the DCCD process (acid-free, 100 % dry), provides an extra-clean scale-free rod by transversal brushing all around the rod circumference, upon automatically controlled pressure, at virtually "zero energy consumption". 

Rod/wire dia. range : 5.5 to 12.7 mm (.218 to .500"), H/C and L/C. 

Automatic control of brushing pressure, easily adjustable at will  
Adjustable rod surface roughness from fine to coarse, bristles act at right angle to the rod surface in a uniform action all around the rod circumference
Smooth "moderate" to fine "aggressive" effect, suitable for all applications   
  Pre-set pressure remains constant, independent on brush inserts wear. Operator assistance is not required.
  Brushing by specific abrasive pads, permanently regenerated in automatic motion - strongly recommended in difficult applications : fine wire size, extended number of drafts, drawn wire approaching limit of ductility, wire surface conditions, ... 
  Operation with
"zero consumables cost" (one set of inserts/pads cleans  200 to 400 tonnes of rod)  
  No over hardened rod surface, no induced residual stresses, guaranteed no martensite 
  No rod entry speed limitation

  Instant replacement of brush inserts : set up time 45 sec., no tool is required - "zero maintenance cost"

More information can be found in the "Newsletter No.18".  

Other applications :
S-B system cleans drawn wire from lubricant residual in-line prior to induction heating in PC wire stabilizing process.  
The system  effectively cleans drawn wires from lubricant residual, in-line, in chain welding process.

5./  Wire / Rod Dry Cleaning with the static BH ( Brush-Holder ) system by longitudinal specific fine abrading/brushing, all around the wire circumference. The system consists of several BH units, installed in-line, each fitted with an automatic brush pressure control. The wire is "shaved" in successive very fine layers with bristles penetration adjustable at will from 0 to 25 microns per pass/unit. 

5.1./ Wire Cleaning , in-line :
 Drawn wire is obtained super-clean in white-metal appearance. Exceptionally reactive wire surface, with adjustable micro-roughness, greatly improves bonding of coatings ( metallic or plastic ), including galvanizing, copper coating, brass coating, cladding, etc

The system features :
- Dry process , or semi-dry process by wetting ingoing wire , or wet process by partial immersion in water of BH units 
- Cleaning efficiency :

    two (2) BH units take off 75 % of residual ( remaining 25 % ) 
three (3) BH units take off 90 % of residual ( wire white-metal appearance )
four (4) BH units take off 97 % of residual ( wire in white metal appearance whatever the lubricant used, insoluble Ca based , Na/Ca blends, Na based, etc )
five (5) BH units take off 99.5 % of residual lubricant after the last draft - super-clean wire is obtained 
- No speed limitation
- Zero energy consumption
- Zero consumables cost, cleans approx. 200 tonnes of wire per set of brushes
- Virtually zero maintenance cost
- Automatic brush wear compensation
- Threading time : 10 sec./unit
- Wire size :  min. 2.6 mm  - max. 13 mm 

The BH system cleans the wire from lubricant residual in applications prior to heat treatment or coating including annealing, galvanizing, patenting, plating, welding (chain, mesh, ...), painting, Al or Cu cladding (core wire), ... 

5.2./  Rod cleaning / drying , in-line :
BH system cleaning and drying applications with mechanically descaled rod :
- Elimination of scale dust and other contaminants from rod surface , attracted by electrostatic effect
- Rod drying : brush load can be easily adjusted in order to increase rod surface temperature to 90 - 110 C sufficient to eliminate rod wetness 
- Elimination of rod residual humidity benefits lubrication , die life, wire ductility and wire surface quality
- Lubricant pick-up and lubricant adhesion are greatly improved on bare rod , enabling use of Na based lubricants in all drafts - easy wire cleaning for "plating" wire
- Automatic brush wear compensation
- Operation at zero energy consumption
- No speed limitation

The BH cleaning system is highly recommended where climatic conditions - ambient wetness - can be detrimental for the wire drawing.

6/  Pressure Wet Cleaning ( PWC ) system cleans drawn wire from lubricant residual in-line with a wire drawing machine. The wire is obtained in smooth and glossy finish in plating quality

The PWC system is particularly recommended for cleaning applications in which a traditional process is inappropriate, especially with wires drawn in severe conditions resulting in increased heat and burned lubricant tightly bound to the wire surface and embedded in microscopic cracks.

The system provides high levels of cleanliness with dry drawn wires, without the need for acids, caustics and ultrasonic, and is economical and environmentally friendly. The system operates at all practical speeds without limitation, dictated mainly by cooling capability of the wire drawing machine. It enables to obtain the wire appearance from matt and dull to smooth bright finish in a one-step operation, at high-speed.
The system is used to clean drawn wires from lubricant residual, prior to heat treatment or coating including plating, galvanizing, patenting, annealing, painting, aluminum cladding, etc.

PWC system main features :
- In-line wire cleaning for plating quality
- Wire leaves dry, clean, in glossy finish
- Unit installation on the last block of the wire drawing machine enabling the clean wire to be spooled directly
- Intense cleaning energy self-generated by the PWC unit
- No air dryer is required at the unit exit
- Mechanically descaled wire cleaned for "plating" quality
- Simple to install and to use in-line with any wire drawing machine
- PWC unit can be installed in ALL positions : vertical, inclined, etc

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