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Our address is :
31 Av.de Conde
77500 Chelles

E-mail : info@decalub.com

Fax : 33  1 60 20 20 21
Tel : 33  1 64 26 20 66   

Decalub is a French based company, family owned, founded in 1983, with commitment to research and new solutions in the design and manufacture of machinery for the steel wire production industry.
Decalub holds nine patents, four (4) of which are currently industry standards, incorporated in the equipment which the company supplies to the largest wire manufacturers on five continents.   

    Decalub is exhibiting its technology at major Wire Exhibitions worldwide, and is holding a series of one-day in-house seminars, with key end users, called "The New Way to draw steel wire in the 21st Century" to help industry professionals select the most cost-effective DCCD options, and making them pleasant to use as well.

We encourage you to explore the "What's new" pages of this site where you will find what you need about the Steel Rod Cleaning, Surface Preparation, Wire Lubrication and Wire Drawing.

Accueil Products What's new Newsletter About us
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